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Italian Kitchen on U 1110 U Street
NW Washington, DC 2009
Phone: (202) 387-4992
Fax: (202) 387-4996



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Wow wow WOW!  The best takeout/delivery pizza in DC, at least to the best of my knowledge.  It was high time someone set up shop to give us better (much, much, much better) choices than Boli’s, Manny & Olga’s, Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and, ugh, Papa John’s.

First, the sauce.  Very zesty, not sugary, overcooked, or loaded down with oregano.  Perfection!

Next, the crust.  Soft inside, toasty on the outside.  Not deep-dish, but not Neopolitan-style, either.

The cheese!  Every pie I’ve tasted comes out with slightly browned, but still gooey mozzarella.  Again, PERFECT!

The toppings:  finally, FRESH mushrooms.  Canned should be illegal, anyway, and any shop that uses them on their pizzas should be shut down.  Think of the children.  Jesus!

Overall, this is what I call red-checked tablecloth pizza.  It’s not woodfired, and it doesn’t pretend to be.  Nor does it taste like a generic national chain, or even the embarrassing local ones.  This is the kind of pizza that you’d be served on a round metal pizza tray with a beveled rim.  This is good, solid, American pizzeria-style pizza.  And in my own neighborhood!  Finally!!!

Carrie C.

Yelp Review

Stopped in here for a quick bite to eat with a few friends before heading out one night, and what a good choice! I think this is probably some of the best pizza I’ve had in DC. We ordered a pizza that was half cheese/half pepperoni, and they whipped it up in about 10 minutes for us. 

Out it came pipping hot and smelling so delicious. The crust was thin, which is the only way to go, and it had the perfect amount of cheese on it. The sauce was also good – not sweet and not spicy, just right. We were all fighting over the final pieces!

Rachel M.

Yelp Review

As a former New Yorker, I love their pizza. It reminds me of home, and it has been slim pickings here in DC for a good slice of NY style pizza. Either order a slice (good deal because it is really big) or get a pie delivered. Now, if they would only make a good eggplant parmigania sub …

Rac L.

Yelp Review

REALLY good service. Great delivery late at night. Pizza was great but the wings were freakin perfect. I should have discovered this place earlier. Its ten times better than Manny and Olgas.

Melvin D.

Yelp Review

Like another reviewer, stumbled upon this place after being out in the neighborhood (Solly’s) and looking for some grub.  Other than the AC being out at the time, which the proprietor said had already been fixed once for a large sum, great experience.  To test its mettle, I ordered the Meatball Calzone and it didn’t disappoint.  Great dough.. spicy meatballs… tons of cheese… and extra dipping sauce.  Plus the thing was giant… More than enough for two.  Will definitely be back or ordering delivery… soon.

Ed R.

Yelp Review

A few friends and I went here Thursday night after a 930 Club show (Metric, who was awesome btw!).  They insisted to me that it was way better than Jumbo, and as much as I love drunken disco Jumbo Slice early in the morning, I have to admit that this place rocks the socks off Jumbo.  The dough is slightly crisp and still chewy, and the sauce and cheese are both super.  Plus the staff was very friendly and attentive, and the place itself was very clean. Keep in mind that “good” pizza is a relative term in D.C., but as far as pies go in this area, this is a keeper. Jerry P.

Yelp Review

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